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Club Tournaments

2015 Club Tournament Information

The University of Maryland Tournament Program is open to anyone who maintains a USGA handicap at the University of Maryland.  Sign up on the day of the event (unless otherwise noted), play in your regular foursome, and turn in a signed and attested scorecard to the Golf Shop upon completion of play.

All events pay 50% of purse for NET, 50% for GROSS

Play in your own group and have your card attested

Tees will vary depending on the event; however, most events will be played from the following tee markers:

Men: GOLD     Seniors (55+): WHITE     Women: RED


Yearly Points
Participants in our Club Tournament Program will be awarded points throughout the year for our seasonlong points chase. Players will receive points for entries and top finishes, and bonus points will be awarded to frequent participants.  For non-major events, players will receive 5 points for each day they play.  Participation in major events will award players with 10 points. The top 25% finishers of any event will receive points equal to that of their credit payout. (For example, Player A finishes in first place and receives $50 in credit. Player A will also receive 50 points to the yearly points total.)

Players will also be eligible to receive bonus points for continued participation in the Club Tournament Program. Bonuses will be awarded as follows:

Entries Bonus Points
12-14 50
15-17 75
18+ 125

*Some events allow for multiple entries. Each entry will be counted individually to your participation tally*


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Date(s) Tournament Information Results


March 14

March 21st

  Frostbite Open
  3 Person Event


April 4

   UM Players Championship
   Individual Stroke Play

  Click here to view the 2014 Player of the Year points list


April 11,12

  Green Jacket Challenge
  Individual Stroke Play


April 25

  You - Me - Us
  2 Person Team


May 2+3

  9-Hole Match Play
  Individual Match Play


May 16

  Member/Member (Members Only)
  2 Person Best Ball


May 31

  Blind Nine
  2 player teams


June 7

  Match Play vs Par
  Individual Match Play


June 20,21


  US Open Challenge
  Individual Stroke Play


June 27+28
August 22, 23

  Club Championship 
(Members Only)
  Individual Stroke Play


July 4,5

  Red, White, Blue
  Individual Stroke Play


July 18-19

  The Open Challenge
  Individual Stroke Play

  July 31-

August 6

  Match Play Qualifier

(Members Only)
  Individual Event



  Saturday, August 1
  Just Golf
  Individual Play


August 15-16

  PGA Championship
  Individual Stroke Play

  Saturday, August 29   Six-Six-Six
  2 Person Event

  Sunday, September 6
  NFL Kick Off Tournament
  2 Person Shamble

  Sat+Sun, September 26+27
  Testudo Golf  (Members Only)
  Individual Stroke Play

  Sat, Sun October 10, 11
  Individual Stroke Play

  Saturday, October 31
  Trick or Treat
  2 Player Best Ball

  Sunday, November 15
  End of Season Stroke Play
  Individual Stroke Play



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