2019 Spring Twilight Golf League

League Information

  • 2-Person best ball format
  • Players must have established handicap
  • 5 Weeks of Regular Season Play
  • 6 Teams Per Flight / 2 Flights
  • After the 5 weeks of Round Robin play, there will be playoffs for the 1st and 2nd place winners of each flight.
  • League matches will be played on Tuesdays beginning on        April 6, 2021
  • Tee times begin at 4:00pm, when registering please let the golf shop know what times are best for your group.
  • Top 2 teams in each flight will receive prizes
  • Optional $5 closest to the pin contest each week
  • Fees: Member $30 per player, Non-Member $130 per player. Fees can be paid in the golf shop or online. 
  • **In the event of a no show, the team that forfeits will receive 0 points. The team that shows up will play against a net score of par-per hole. A score of the net birdie or better will receive one point on the hole. A net par will win 1/2 point per hole and a score of net bogey or worse will not receive any points.**


League Standings

Division 1  Division 2 
Team Points Team Points
Chimera/Bergen 7 Neitzey/Schneider 6
Warwick/Klenner 6.5 Canary/Campagna 6
James/Mongold 6 Lee/Siu 6
Ivey/Culp 4 Painter/Smith 4
McGuigan/Fowler 3.5 Aponte/Ledbetter 4
Beard/Bartlett 3 Gentilcore/DiBernardo 4

League Schedule
Week 1

April 6

Time Team Points vs Team  Points
4:00 Ivey/Culp 4 vs James/Mongold 6
4:10 Warwick/Klenner 6.5 vs McGuigan/Fowler 3.5
4:20 Chimera/Bergen 7 vs Beard/Bartlett 3
4:30 Neitzey/Schneider 6 vs Aponte/Ledbetter 4
4:40 Canary/Campagna 6 vs Gentilcore/DiBernardo 4
4:50 Painter/Smith 4 vs Lee/Siu 6

Week 2

April 13

Time Team Points vs Team Points
4:00 McGuigan/Fowler   vs Beard/Bartlett  
4:10 Ivey/Culp   vs Wariwck/Klenner  
4:20 james/Mongold   vs Chimera/Bergen  
4:30 Neitzey/Schneider
vs Canary/Campagna  
4:40 Aponte/Ledbetter   vs Painter/Smith  
4:50 Lee/Siu   vs Gentilcore/Dibernardo

Week 3

April 20

Time Team Points vs Team Points
4:00 Warwick/Klenner   vs Beard/Bartlett  
4:10 James/Mongold   vs McGuigan/Fowler  
4:20 Ivey/Culp   vs Chimera/Bergen  
4:30 Gentilcore/DiBernardo
vs Aponte/Ledbetter
4:40 Neitzey/Schneider
vs Painter/Smith
4:50 Canary/Campagna   vs Lee/Siu  

Week 4

April 27

Time Team Points vs Team Points
4:00 Ivey/Culp   vs Beard/Bartlett  
4:10 McGuigan/Fowler   vs Chimera/Bergen  
4:20 James/Mongold   vs Warwick/Klenner  
4:30 Aponte/Ledbetter
vs Canary/Campagna
4:40 Neitzey/Schneider
vs Lee/Siu
4:50 Gentilcore/Dibernardo
vs Painter/Smith  

Week 5

May 4

Time Team Points vs Team Points
4:00 Chimera/Bergen   vs Warwick/Klenner  
4:10 James/Mongold   vs Beard/Bartlett  
4:20 Ivey/Culp   vs McGuigan/Fowler  
4:30 Neitzey/Schneider
vs Gentilcore/DiBernardo
4:40 Aponte/Ledbetter
vs Lee/Siu
4:50 Painter/Smith
vs Canary/Campagna  


May 11

Time Team Points vs Team Points
4:00     vs


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