University of Maryland

The University of Maryland is the hub of our state’s higher education system. Many of the members and patrons are alumni, faculty, staff and students who view the golf course as the University community’s premier recreational venue.

University of Maryland Golf Course…
The Founding Steps…

In November 1954, Dr.Wilson H. Elkins, President, University of Maryland, commissioned a study for a proposed golf course to serve the University community. This effort was chaired by Mr.James M.Tatum, the Athletic Director. His committee consisted of six additional members, including the prime instigator for the project, Mr. Frank H. Cronin, University of Maryland class of 1939, track, boxing, and golf coach, and present day member of the University of Maryland Athletic Hall of Fame. Also serving on the committee were Dean Lester M. Fraley, College of Physical Education, Recreation and Health; Mr. George O. Weber, Director of the University Physical Plant; Mr. Mark M. Shoemaker, University Landscape Architect; Dean Gordon M. Cairns, College of Agriculture; and Mr. Robinson Lappin, Director, Dining Hall, who had assisted Mr. Cronin in garnering support for the golf course… Continue Reading

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