Did you know….

….that the University of Maryland Golf Course has a little more than 14 acres of native areas on the course? We are one of only 19 International Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuaries for Golf in the state of Maryland and we have maintained our certification since 2003. Here is a list of benefits of having native areas on the golf course:

The Environmental Benefits of Naturalization

  • Maintains a diversity of plants and animals
  • Protects ecosystems and ecological communities
  • Improves water quality
  • Maintains the gene pool of particular plant and animal species, promoting hardiness, disease resistance, and adaptability
  • Minimizes erosion
  • Supports an aesthetic appreciation of natural beauty
  • Creates positive, progressive and constructive attributes about the natural world
  • Promotes stewardship of the environment and contributes to the conservation of local wildlife species

Additional Benefits of Lake and Pond Naturalization

  • Maintains the food chain for a variety of wildlife species
  • Enhances “structural diversity” of plants along the pond margin. Plants of varying heights and types increase wildlife diversity
  • Provides improved habitat for amphibians, such as salamanders and frogs, especially in ponds that do not contain fish
  • Provides shelter for fish and freshwater invertebrates
  • Supplies food for aquatic organisms
  • Provides waterfowl and wading birds places to feed and rest
  • Stabilizes shorelines and reduces erosion
  • Minimizes or eliminates chemical runoff, especially when combined with a designated “buffer zone” in which no chemicals are applied
  • Improves water quality as plants take up excess nutrients and produce oxygen to aerate the water

Financial and Labor Savings

  • Lowers maintenance costs and reduces the need for high-intensity or time-consuming maintenance
  • Reduces equipment wear and tear
  • Reduces the need for gasoline, pesticides, fertilizers, and water
  • Enables staff to concentrate where it really counts – highly visible areas or, for golf courses, the playing surfaces

Additional Benefits

  • Increases wildlife sightings
  • Adds distinctive contrast and natural beauty to landscape
  • Provides places for nature study and enjoyment

We hope you all enjoy the natural beauty that is on our golf course as much as we do!